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Originally, this page was to be devoted to overseas online pharmacies. However, during our research we discovered that the laws governing the purchase of pharmaceuticals abroad are very murky See Wikipedia. Technically, you can not purchase a controlled substance from an overseas drugstore without a face-to-face prescription. The laws are often not enforced, but they are in place anyway, which would make several legal disclaimers necessary.

Furthermore, overseas pharmacies must be licensed in their own countries, most often Canada, India, and Mexico, and, after looking at scores of these outlets, we found that it was difficult to guarantee the legitimacy of many of them.

Rather than exposing ourselves to potential liability and furnishing our visitors with incomplete and possibly false information, we decided to simply furnish pharmaceutical reviews and forums.

You can always use the provided search engine to search overseas pharmacies, but beware that results will often return both legal and illegal operations.

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"Expenditures for prescription drugs have been increasing seven times faster than the rate of inflation...."--Overdo$ed America

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