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February 6, 2015   Medical Tourism Can Save Us All Money
From Washington Post

December 27, 2013   Obamacare Plunges Into Utter Chaos
From Forbes

December 27, 2013   Will Insurers Ever Say Enough's Enough To Obamacare?
From The Federalist

November 22, 2013   Medical Tourism: Overseas And Under The Knife--Why Medical Tourism Is Booming
From Mens Journal

August 23, 2013   Obamacare Not A Good Deal For Young People
From Forbes

March 3, 2013    A Bitter Pill--Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us
From Time Magazine

March 1, 2013    Hospital Pricing Is Insane
From Wall Street Journal

February 7, 2013    CBO Skeptical About Obamacare
From Real Clear Politics

January 29, 2013    Can Medical Tourism Save Us from Obamacare?
From Reason.Com

December, 2012    Healthcare State Exchange Map
From Commonwealth Fund

December, 6, 2012    States Continue Sorting Out Health Care Exchange Choices
From World Tourism Review

October, 16, 2012    Medical Care in Thailand
From Sovereign Man

June, 28, 2012    Obamacare Ruling May Be Bad News For Tax Code
From Forbes

June, 28, 2012   Supreme Court Upholds Mandate
From Fox News

April, 4, 2012   Can the Supreme Court Overturn Obamacare
From Forbes

March, 30, 2012    In Health Case, Appeals to a Justice's Idea of Liberty
From New York Times

March, 29, 2012    Death to Obamacare?
From New York Post

March, 26, 2012    Healthcare Case--3-Day Marathon
From New York Times

March, 23, 2012    Health Law Slow to Win Favor
From The Wall Street Journal

March 22, 2012   Liberty and Obamacare
From The Wall Street Journal

March 22, 2012   How Obamacare Dramatically Increases the Cost of Insurance for Young Workers
From Forbes

March 20, 2012   Stakes in Healthcare Law Hard to Ignore
From The Washington Post

February 11, 2012   Obamacare Architect: Expect Steep Increase in Healthcare Premiums
From The Daily Caller

January 12, 2012   Medical Tourism Expected to Grow
From Travel Market Report

December 27, 2011   New Insurance Fee for Medical Effectiveness Research
From Associated Press

December 19, 2011   Supreme Court Sets Aside Three Days for Arguments on Healthcare Reform
From The Hill

December 2, 2011   Choking on Healthcare Reform
From Washington Post

November 26, 2011    Support Grows to Alter Medicare
From Raleigh News & Observer

November 16, 2011   What Supreme Court Ruling Could Mean for Healthcare
From Reuters

November, 2011   Americans Forgo Medical Care Due To Cost
From The Commonwealth Fund

October 28, 2011   $139 Million Medicaid Shortfall Anticipated
From The News and Observer

October 28, 2011   States' Medicaid Cost-Cutting May Not Control Program Spending
From Business Week

October 21, 2011   Wal-Mart Cuts Some Health Care Benefits
From The New York Times

September 28, 2011   Health Insurance Premiums Skyrocket
From Christian Science Monitor

March 25, 2011   U.S. Healthcare Bill Pushes 'Medical Value Travel'
From BusinessLine, India

March 15, 2010   Medical Tourism Draws More U.S. Patients to Travel for Care
From TampaBay.Com, U.S.

July 24, 2010   Axe Falls On NHS Services--Is this the future of U.S. Healthcare?
From The Telegraph

May 5, 2010   Health Care Law's Massive Tax Change
From CNNMoney

September 10, 2006   Minimal Healthcare Coverage--Surgery Abroad An Option
From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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