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          Hello and welcome to Global Medtracker.

My name is Steve Schackne and I spent over 30 years in the field of international education as a teacher, administrator, and researcher.

During this period I saw overseas medical providers play an increasing role for patients from outside their borders. These patients weren't simply uninsured Americans. They included the uninsured, the under-insured, those from countries which lacked medical infrastructures, those with national healthcare insurance schemes who were stuck on waitlists, those with adequate insurance whose procedure wasn't covered.

Healthcare costs kept escalating in America. Waiting lines kept getting longer in England, Canada, and Australia. The middle class in Saudi Arabia and China found that it was hard to find quality care in their home countries. Many people worldwide found that their health schemes didn't cover procedures they needed or desired. It became evident that medical tourism/travel was fast filling a need for quality, affordable healthcare.

But how would a person know what was available, where, at what cost, and under what conditions?

After the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2009, I launched Global Medtracker. I felt the act, currently unfunded, would add a level of uncertainty to the healthcare future of Americans. The subsequent legal challenges to the Act have only reinforced that feeling.

The goal of the site is to educate our visitors on medical travel/tourism and how it could be, under certain circumstances, a viable alternative to their healthcare needs.

Our site visitors find relevant databases listing the various contributors involved in medical travel/tourism--coordinators, facilitators, hospitals, clinics, insurers, accreditation agencies and print resources. We also post the latest news in the field. I work with colleagues in Europe, Asia, and South America to keep current. Our web site is constantly being updated and developed.

Suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

Again, welcome to Global Medtracker.

Steve Schackne

updated December 8, 2011

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