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Medical Billing Advocates of America--Medical Bill Negotiation

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Description: This is a bot/search engine site which features a step-by-step search [Home Country]-->[Selected Procedure]--> [Countries Where Procedure Is Performed/Average Price]-->[Find Providers/Quote Through Completing A Form]

There is a directory featuring drop-down menus: [Country Procedure Specialism] [Medical Accreditations] [Supported Languages] [Healthcare Provider Type]

There is a newsletter signup and a health provider signup.

Additional Comments: This is a user-friendly site and claims to have a recommendation from the Medical Tourism Association


Description: Amazon Health and Medical Tourism is an India-based healthcare provider. Main links include [Diagnostic] [Treatment] [Insurance & Loans] [Testimonials] [Travel Desk] [Hospital Consultancy] [Media] [Get Associated] [Enquiry].

The home page is mainly devoted to introducing AHM. There is video, a chat line, and a blog.

Additional Comments: Website can be Google translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Full contact info, including Skype and social media.


Description: America's Medical Solutions is an India-based medical services provider, founded by Americans.

Major links on the left margin include [About Us] [Services] [Guarantee] [Testimonials] [Request Quote] [Cost Comparisons] [Why India?] [FAQ] [Contact Us]. There is a cost comparison right on the home page. Also testimonials. There is a newsletter signup and a health provider signup.

Additional Comments: Free quote. Toll free number.


Description: AHI is Mexico's major medical tourism hospital network. Homepage provises information on [Procedures] [Medical Tourism] [Community]

Live chat; search engine; video introduction to the company; social media tie-ins


Description: Beautiful Beings is a UK-based cosmetic surgery provider, which schedules procedures in Prague. There is a video intro with main links to [Home] [Clinic] [Pricing Guide] [Accomodation] [Surgeons] [Cosmetic Procedures] [Dental Procedures] [News] [Contact Us] [Press]

There is quite a bit of info on the company and Prague, the cosmetic capital of Europe.

You can get info on cosmetic procedures, dental surgeries. Also additional information on Prague, testimonials, terms and conditions.

Additional Comments: Quotes, downloadable brochure, news articles all available. Facebook, Twitter. Jam packed site.


Description: Bioplast International Center is a team of Colombian aesthetic surgeons specializing in bioplasty. Links to [About Us] [Bioplasty] [Gallery] [Submit Case] [Financing] [Contact] [Visit Our Blog]

Emphasis is on buttocks augmentation.


Description: Bridge Health is an American-based coordinator-facilitator company. Horizontal tabs include [Home] [Overview] [Group Benefits] [Individuals] [Providers] [About Us] [Contact Us]

The professionally designed web site has a rotating graphic which offers information about costs and benefits. Left-hand margin details procedure--Bridge specializes in major surgeries. There is also promotional material with links [For Groups] [For Individuals] [For Providers]


Description: BYZ Alliance is a Turkey-based medical travel and consulting company.

The home page has a conventional horizontal navigation bar: [Home] [Who We Are?] [Medical Services] [Hospitality Services] [Destinations] [Exploring Turkey] [FAQ] [Contact].

There is a section on medical tourism and a list of medical services. There are price comparison with U.S.A., Costa Rica, India, Thailand.

A newsletter is available.


Description: Clinic For You is a Poland-based medical clinic specializing in cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, and dentistry. The homepage has links leading to more specific information on procedures, price, including testimonials and before-and-after pictures.

They can also arrange flights and accomodation

Additional Comments: Social media tie-ins.


Description: This is a coordinator-facilitator site serving the overseas healthcare community. The navigation bar on the home page features six major tabs:[Patients] [Group Leaders] [Agents] [About] [News] [Contact]. The first tab addresses patients, while the [Group Leaders] tab appears to address employers and the [Agents] tab is directed to 3rd party middlemen. [About] briefly introduces this South Carolina-based company and the [News] tab has a drop-down menu accessing press releases.

Accessing the first three tabs takes you to sub-categories listed vertically on the right-hand side of the page: [Why Travel For Healthcare?] [Our Services] [Procedures] [Provider Network] [Testimonials] [Travel Arrangements] [Insurance Products] [Value Added Services].

[About] gives a brief description of this South Carolina-based company, while [News] offers an archive of press releases. [Contact] offers a form to fill out or an option to talk to a rep online.

Additional Comments: Easy navigation, offers a site map and Spanish version.


Description: Costa Rica Medical Tourism Services is a medical tourism and travel company in Costa Rica. Horizontal Links: [Home] [About Us] [Our Services] [Medical Procedures] [Dental] [Rehab] [Tourism] [Contact Us]. Drop-down menus lead to more specific information under each category.

High-tech graphics including viddeo. Information on medical services, support services, medical for corporations. Also information on medical tourism in Costa Rica.


Description: Destination Beauty is a Thai-based cosmetic surgery provider. Top of the page offers links to: [Breast] [Facial] [Body] [Packages] [Other] [Hospitals] [Costs] [Your Stories] [About Us] [Specials] [More]

There is a live chat, a form to request info, and a lot of promotional material, including a YouTube presentation by one of the DB doctors. The bottom of the page has a summary of procedures and contact information.

Additional Comments: Lots of information, but a helter-skelter layout.


Description: Divine Medicare is a medical tourism provider/facilitator based in India. The wesite features horizontal tabs offering information on the company--Hospitals, Experts, Travel Plan, Ask Doctor.

The Index Page also features answers to questions about medical tourism and travel.

Additional Comments: Live support and social media tie-ins.


Description: Dr. Prime is a concierge medical specialist in New York City. Her webiste offers information on concierge medicine, including corporate programs and membership programs. The office specializes in primary care, and also offers vaccinations for international travel and special programs for the under-insured.

Social media tie-ins and contact information on the website.


Description: ECS Management is a medical provider in Greece, which specializes in foreign insurance and claims recovery. Major links furnish info on [About Us] [Our Services] [Departments] [Air Ambulance-Air Rescue] [Health Tourism] [Orthopedic Surgery] [Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery] [Weight Loss and Obesity Surgery] [Insurance and Claims] [Urology] [Dialysis on Vacation] [Dentistry] [Fertility Treatments] [Cardiology] [Make an Enquiry]

Additional services include medical assistance, cost containment, out-patient services, medical claims handling, medical screening, in-patient services.

Additional Comments: Site map; Can request a quote online; 24-hour emergency assistance.


Description: Euromedic is a medical travel/tourism facilitator founded in Germany with offices in Israel and Bulgaria. Website offers portals detailing information on treatment, doctors, clinics, and destinations. There is also a photo and video gallery

Additional Comments: Social media tie-ins.


Description: This is a coordinator/facilitator site which arranges medical care in Europe . The horizontal navigation bar at the top of the home page features seven major tabs:[Home] [About Us] [Videos & Testimonials] [Services] [Media] [Sitemap] [Contact]. Left-hand margin has anchored links (links that appear on all pages in the same position) featuring medical tourism, weight loss, surgery, spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, heart surgery, transplant, stem cells, dentistry, eye surgery, in vitro fertilization, cosmetic surgery, contact, medical news.

[About Us] is a description of this Austin, Texas company. [Videos & Testimonials] features video of doctors and client testimonials. There is also a tourist video of Germany. [Services] offers a step-by-step description of the services European Medical Tourist offers. There are also premium services which include escort, transport, and language services. [Media] offers press coverage of the company and a rationale for medical tourism.

Additional Comments: The info is there, but the site could be organized better as there is so much info. [Services] gives you a clear overview on the process of working with European Medical Tourist. Initiating service can be done fairly easily off the site even though it's not the best arranged site out there. Some computers will need a plug-in to view video.


Description: This is a coordinator/facilitator site which specializes in knee and hip replacement. The horizontal navigation bar at the top of the home page features seven major tabs:[Home] [What we do] [Why Taiwan?] [Doctors & Hospitals] [Our Process] [FAQ] [Contact us]. The home page also outlines a 3-step process for initiating service.

[What we do] is a description of the company and its activities in Taiwan, complete with a video and a form to start the process. [Why Taiwan?] outlines the case for Taiwan as a medical tourism destination and focuses on savings, quality care, and Taiwan culture. [Doctors & Hospitals] introduces the client to the three hospitals that Formosa Medical Travel represents. [Our Process] describes the steps, from registering to aftercare information, involved in receiving care through this company. [FAQ] answers 26 commonly-asked questions about Formosa Medical Travel. [Contact us] offers a half dozen ways to contact the company.

Additional Comments: Easy navigation. Registration form appears on all pages, so starting the process is very easy. [Our Process] outlines 15 steps involved in receiving care from this company. Very thorough. Offers only knee and hip far.


Description: Galichia is an American-based medical tourism provider. Major links include [Home] [Our Program] [Medical Procedures] [Our Doctors] [Choose Galichia] [Wichita] [Contact]

Medical tourism in the U.S. Specialties include cardiac care and joint replacements. Web site offers a description of the company-- emphasizes fixed rates with no hidden fees.

Additional Comments: Patient testimonials; full contact info.


Description: This is a coordinator/facilitator site which specializes in surgery abroad. The header offers 9 main tabs: [Home] [Procedures] [Doctors] [Hospitals] [Insurance] [Travel] [MEDEXSM] [ONAM] [About].

The main panel offers rotating graphics and information on the company and on medical tourism. The right column features a [Get Started] button and panels on [Major Surgeries] and [Plastic Surgeries]. There are also links to "Latest News."

Additional Comments: Offers access to MEDEXSM whereby affiliated surgeons can bid on your surgery.

ONAM is a unit of GME which provides access to your medical needs in India or Lebanon.

Company has been featured on CNBC, in Forbes, and on Yahoo Finance.


Description: Goa-Health-Travel is advertised as "the one-stop destination for health tourism in Goa." This company offers information on [Medical Treatments] [Hospitals] [Accomodation] [Costs] [Packages] [News] [FAQ].

The web site offers a company profile, information on medical treatment in India and post-operative care.

Additional Comments: They accept MasterCard, Visa.


Description: Go Sculptura is an Argentina-based cosmetic surgery provider. It features a 3-column web site with most of the information accessed through its links in the left margin--detailed information on the [Sculptura Group] [Medical Procedure] [Argentina]. The middle column offers sections on [Medical Procedures] [Your Destinations] [News and Updates], [Benefits].

Information on planning your trip and combo packages is also included.

Additional Comments: Newsletter offered. Free consultation and quote offered from web site.


Description: Guatemala Medical Travel is a treatment referral and travel services agency. Horizontal links: [Home] [Providers] [Patients] [Procedures] [Travel] [FAQ] [Testimonials] [Contact].

The homepage is devoted to information about medical tourism and medical travel in Guatemala. Emphasis is placed on quality, safety, cost, and Guatemala's proximity to the U.S.


Description: Healthbase is an coordinator/facilitator megasite that "arranges a variety of global healthcare services from basic consultations to full service treatment abroad."

The site has literally dozens and dozens of links arranged both horizontally and vertically. Main horizontal tabs include: [Home] [Register Free] [Testimonials] [Medical Tourism] [Company] [Partners] [Insurers] [Employers] [Contact Us]. [Partners] includes hospitals Healthbase works with, while [Insurers] markets medical tourism plans for insurers. [Employers] markets employer plans complete with signup form. Main verical links on the left cover [Medical Procedures] [Hospitals] [Dental Offices] [Doctors] [Countries] [Register Free]

Below the main vertical links, there are several video panels, followed by an almost endless list of secondary vertical links which cover procedures, marketing, hospitals, physicians, testimonials, and a variety of miscellaneous topics related to medical travel.

Additional Comments: Supplementary information available for registrants. This site is heavy on forms to transfer information, and has video placed throughout. Contact numbers and email appear prominently on [Home] and [Contact Us].

A great feature is medical illustrations which are included when describing procedures.

Healthbase won a first place award for Best Website for Accessing International Medical Information for Patients/Consumers.

It is as comprehensive as any site on the net, but the volume of information necessitates that you spend quite a lot of time negotiating this site.


Description: Health City Cayman Islands opened in March, 2014. It offers a wide range of care including cardiac, orthopedic, pediatric, pulmonary, radiology, vascular. Full contact information on web site.


Description: The Health Clinic is an Estonia-based medical travel agency. Procedures are highlighted on the left margin: [Medical Partners and Clinics] [Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery] [Weight Loss Surgery] [Orthopaedics] [Dental Treatment] [Laser Eye Surgery] [Wellness and Hotels] [Testimonials] [Ask a Question] [Prices] [FAQs] [About Estonia] [Contact Us].

Info on the company is offered through the home page's main text.


Description: Health Globe is a full-service facilitator. The 3-panel format has 4 links which appear at the top of the index page: [Medical Travel Procedures] [Corporate Medical Travel] [Corporate Medical Travel] [Testimonials] [Blog]. Drop-down menus offer more specific information about each category.

The main part of the index page offers information on medical travel procedures and medical travel for companies. There is also additional information on specific overseas treatments.

The remaining part of the index page offers a form to fill out and submit.

Additional Comments: Health Globe used to be Patients Without Borders, and changed its name and web site July, 2010.


Description: Health Options Worldwide (HOW) is a healthcare management company which differs from most others in that it searches for low cost, high quality treatments both in and outside the U.S.

Its horizontal navigation bar features links to: [Treatments] [Medical Network] [Medical Travel] [In The News] [Resources] [FAQS] [About] [Connect]. It offers information for individuals and employers about insurance, treatments, and procedures.

It also features search engine technology to look for treatments and doctors all over the world. Has [Live Chat] option and can be easily shared through the Facebook-Twitter communities.

Additional Comments: Bottom of the home page aggregates all the info, but needs to be redesigned, preferably as a site map.


Description: Health-Tourism.Com is a large, well-organized medical tourism information site.

The home page is divided into sections: Destinations, Medical Travel Guide, Featured Medical Centers, Medical Tourism Information, and Medical Tourism Resources.

The main links for Health-Tourism.Com are stacked vertically on the left margin. You can [Find Medical Centers] by using a drop-down menu to choose [Treatments] and [Countries]. Under [Find Medical Centers] you can [Browse by Specialty]; that is you can browse based on the specific treatment or procedure you are looking for. Following these links leads to a page listing medical centers. Using this feature you can browse by procedure, specialty, country.

Additional Comments: Tight, well organized. You can find what medical centers offer what procedures very quickly here.

This web site won a Medical Tourism Transparency Award which includes the following criteria--lists staff doctors, lists education and credentials of staff, lists prices, lists procedures, offers detailed explanations, offers information about lodging, offers full contact information.


Description: Hygieia Turkey is a health care provider, based in Turkey, but working in various European locales. They offer health care counseling and health tourism. The home page offers info about the company. Consultations offered in English, Turkish, Arabic, and German.

Additional Comments: A lot of movement on the home page which can be distracting. Some English language problems, as the site was developed in Turkey.


Description: India heals is a site promoting medical travel in India. It has information on: [Hospitals and Clinics] [Treatment Options] [Terms and Conditions] [Contact Us]. A bulk of the home page details information about the company, specialized medical treatments, and tourism in India.


Description: IndUShealth is a facilitator site that links Americans to "affordable, high quality" medical care in India.

The homepage is very compact with 4 link tabs across the header: [About IndUShealth] [The IndUShealth Advantage] [Patient Registration] [Our Partners]. These have drop-down menus which offer more specific information in each category.

The left-hand margin offers a list of links: [Why India?] [Why IndUShealth?] [Patient Testimonials] [Procedures and Pricing] [Financing Programs] [Affinity Discounts] [Medical Travel Insurance] [Medical Escort Services] [Introductory Video] [Corporate Programs] [News Articles] [Frequently Asked Questions] which are anchored to other pages on the site.

Additional Comments: Login feature. Contact link at the top and bottom of all pages.


Description: International Medical Tourism is a medial tourism informational directory.

Horizontal links: [About IndUShealth] [The IndUShealth Advantage] [Patient Registration] [Our Partners]. These have drop-down menus which offer more specific information in each category.

The left-hand margin offers a list of links: [About Us] [Health Checkup] [Treatment] [Recovery] [Destinations] [Companies] [Services] [Articles] [Contacts]. Drop-down menus offer more specific information.

Web site also features a survey and a search engine.


Description: Kris Mediway is an Indian-based company offering services in the areas of health tourism, health care project management, human resources, and general healthcare industry consultancy.

Inquiries about their services can be made directly from the web site.


Description: Lotus Medical International is a Thailand-based medical tourism provider of surgical, non-surgical, and dental treatments.

Main links include [Home] [Procedures] [Travel] [Accomodation] [Prices] [Testimonials] [Disclaimer] [About Us] [Finance] [Contact]. Drop-down menus offer more detailed information.

Additional Comments: Only JCI and ISO accredited hospitals; winner of Whatclinic Customer Service Award 2010 and 2011.

Home page offers step-by-step guide.


Description: Makeover Travel is a Bolivia-based provider of plastic and cosmetic surgery. A bulk of the web site offers info on treatments, costs, and Bolivia. Footer has multiple links with info on specific procedure.


Description: Medcurator is an Israel-based medical tourism company which offers medical travel solutions in a variety of European and Asian locales. Major links include [Medical Tourism and Treatment Abroad] [Treatment Abroad for Children] [Spa Tourism] [What Medcurator Will Do for You] [Press Department]. Also info on [Air Ambulance] [Second Opinion Service]

News articles posted on right margin. Newletter available.

Additional Comments: Multiple contact options including phone, email, fax, ICQ, Skype, live chat.


Description: Medibid is a healthcare facilitator that matches self-pay, and Healthcare Savings Account patients with doctors. Transparency and comparative shopping are the linchpins of the business model. The website features four major portals: [Patients] [Doctors] [Medical Facilitators] Employers & TPAS]

Comprehensive contact information, a blog, and an FAQ tab. Video and social media tie-ins..


Description: Medical Port is a medical tourism facilitator based in Portugal. Its website introduces Portugal, affiliated hospitals, and featured medical procedures. You can a free quote or chat with a representative.

Comprehensive contact information. Also offers a newsletter, hospital photos/info, and a FAQ link.


Description: Medical Tourism is an informational database offering data on medical care abroad.

It has a busy homepage with horizontal and vertical link tabs. Rotating graphics highlight different procedures. Below the rotating graphics panel is a medical tourism directory panel, followed by 4 more wide-bodied links leading to procedures, destinations, companies, and employers. Surrounding all this are spaces for advertising, newsletter sign-up, and links to hospitals.

Horizontal links: [Destinations] [Procedures] [Medical Tourism Guide] [FAQs] [Advertise] [Contact Us] [Conferences] [Resources].

Vertical links are anchored to every page along the left margin: Find Hospital-Find a Doctor-Find a Facilitator-Find a Related Business- Medical Tourism Facilitators-Popular Packages-Compare Cost-Testimonials-Accreditation-Ask Our Expert-Share Your Experiences- Blog-Daily News-Focus of the Month-Videos-Medical Tourism Wikipedia-For Doctors/Hospitals-Job Listing-Online Directory.

Additional Comments: Spanish translation button, but it doesn't work. Many of the links lead to drop-down menus to find information based on destinations and/or procedure.

Wealth of information, but requires a bit of time negotiating the site.


Description: Medical Travel LT is a Lithuanian-based medical provider, specializing in cosmetic surgery. Main links feature [Home] [About Us] [Cosmetic Surgery] [Dentistry] [Travel] [Contacts] [Link Partners].

Most of the page is text describing the company.

Additional Comments: The homepage offers a search engine.


Description: Medical Tourism Association is a high tech visual site describing the activities of the MTA. Main links include [Home] [About Us] [Members] [Join] [MTA Activities] [Contact Us] [MTA products] [Healthcare Reform]. These links have drop-down menus leading to more specific information.

There are also vertical quick links-->Member Log-in-For Patients-For Governments-For Insurance Companies-Media/Press- Photo Gallery-Video Gallery-Medical Tourism FAQs-MTA in the News.

Additional Comments: There is a store, search engine, and Spanish translation button (which doesn't appear to work).

Lots of stories about MTA and what they do.


Description: Medical Tourism Corporation is a US-based medical travel company. Their website features a horizontal navigation bar with 8 tabs: [Home] [About Us] [FAQ] [Free Estimate] [Corporate Program] [Medical Tourism Process] [Blog] [Testimonial]. Left-hand margin has information on procedures--medical, cosmetic, and dental. Right-hand margin features a video promoting medical tourism. Underneath the video is a listing of medical tourism destinations.The home page also features an introduction to Medical Tourism Corporation and a section summarizing the benefits of using their services. The bottom of the page has links to various treatment options.

Most of the pages have an anchored form you can fill out to obtain more info on this company's services

Additional Comments: Accredited by Better Business Bureau. Full contact info on Index Page.


Description: Medical Tourism Panama is a medical tourism provider. The home page offers an overview of medical care in Panama.

There are links offering info on [Procedures Offered] Staff And Facilities] [The Process] [Panama].

Additional Comments: A featured hospital, Punta Pacifica, is managed by Johns Hopkins. Anews feed appears on the right margin.


Description: Medical Travel Today is a medical tourism agency.

Horizontal tab links are labeled: [Home] [Archive] [Contact] [About] [Your Medical Travel] [Subscribe] [Search]. Left-hand margin features a [Spotlight] section and [Industry News]. There is a poll on the homepage and paid ads on the right margin.


Description: The Medical Travel Site is an information blog promoting medical care in Thailand.

Homepage features a listing of Thai hospitals with some Google ads on the left margin. Further down are articles with some videos. Right-hand margin lists [Categories] mostly dealing with healthcare, with some ancillary issues. Below [Categories] are [Archives] of previous blogs.


Description: Medical-Trip.Com is a blog published by an international healthcare service organization headquartered in Texas, USA.

Emphasis is on cosmetic surgery.


Description: Medigo is a facilitator which helps people find suitable healthcare abroad. Homepage has video explaining business model. There is an overview of procedures and destinations, with a search engine to filter procedures and destinations

Additional Comments: Contact number on homepage. Free quotes available..


Description: Meditravels is a coordinator/facilitator site.

The homepage is designed in a 3-column format with a major center column and narrower left-hand and right-hand margins. The banner has 10 horizontal tabs: [Home] [About Us] [Search Procedures] [Partners] [Our Programs] [Franchise] [Investors] [Members] [Log-in] [Contact Us].

Both left-hand and right-hand columns are anchored on the other pages for easy access. Left-hand primary links: [Medical Tourism] [Payment] [Accreditation] [Affiliate Program] [Business Programs] [Destinations], followed by a newsletter sign-up panel. Further down is a listing of hospitals.

Right-hand margin includes a franchise ad and a search engine with drop-down menus to a) choose a procedure and b) choose a country. There is also a log-in panel and a news board.

The center panel features articles and promotion, followed by many links on treatments, costs, and other medical tourism links.

Additional Comments: Long home page, many links and a lot of information. Has all the elements of a medical travel database.


Description: Medpath Group is a coordinator/facilitator site focusing on surgery abroad.

It has a tight homepage with 9 left-margin tab links:. [Home] [Why Us] [Our Process] [FAQ] [Testimonials] [Get a Quote] [Financing] [e-Newsletters] [Contact Us].

The bulk of the homepage is devoted to discussion of procedures--orthopedic-cardiac-cosmetic surgery-dental-weight loss surgery-transplants. There is also a welcome message on the homepage.

Additional Comments: There are also features where you can connect with a travel buddy group and a Google medical tourism group.

There is a link panel leading to destinations.

U.S., Canada, U.K. contact numbers. MyVoice [Call Me] button.


Description: Med Prestige is a Czech Republic-based health care provider, which specializes in aesthetic medicine. Info on: plastic surgery, stomatology, dermatology, general surgery, and healthcare.


Description: MedRetreat is a coordinator/facilitator site.

The prominent feature of the homepage is: [Getting Started in 3 easy steps]-->About MedRetreat-Medical Tourism Process-Free Membership. The bulk of the homepage is devoted to discussion of procedures--orthopedic-cardiac-cosmetic surgery-dental-weight loss surgery-transplants. There is also an audio/video welcome message on the homepage.

The header has 6 horizontal tab links: [Home] [Medical Tourism] [Procedures] [Destinations] [About Us] [Member Services]. Each of these lead to a page with secondary links down a left margin. In addition, the homepage contains articles, a podcast, a news button, and a contact button.

Additional Comments: This company offers a guarantee (visible on the homepage) and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.


Description: Medsolution is a Canadian facilitator site that has partnered with several overseas hospitals.

The website is high-tech and features rotating graphics. Horizontal tab links on the header: [Home] [About Us] [Services] [Destinations] [Contact]. These have drop-down sub-menus: for example, [Services]-->Cardiac Care-Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery-Cosmetic Treatments- Dental Care-Gastric Surgery-Heart Surgery-Infertility Treatments-Orthopedic Surgery-Pharmacy-Urogenital Surgery.

The homepage is tight and easy to navigate. It has a 2-column format with the left panel containing promotional material and the right panel offering: destinations and services, patient inquiry form, our commitment to your safety, about us, partnership opportunities. Much of this same information appears on the footer.

Additional Comments: Live help button, phone numbers for North American callers and international callers.


Description: MedToGo is a medical tourism facilitator based offering complete healthcare packages, primarily in Mexico and Costa Rica. Vomplete range of surgery abd general care.

Comprehensive contact information, BBB accredited.


Description: Med Travel is a Costa Rica-based medical travel company. The web site offers information on [Medical Procedures] [Doctors] [Packages] [Where to Stay] [About Us] [Contact Us]


Description: MedVacation is a coordinator/facilitator site serving the healthcare tourism industry. The professionally designed website features a background photo with an inset panel of rotating photos.

Background photo links (anchored on the other pages): [Our Story] [Our Team] [What is Medical Tourism?] [Contact Us]. Inset panel features top margin links: [Who We Are] [Our Procedures] [Travel Services] [Why Choose Us] [Media Center] [Home].

Each photo on the inset panel also leads to other information pages: [World Class and Accredited Medical Facilities] [We Offer Easy & Affordable Financing] [Experienced Physicians of the Highest Quality and Education] [All Inclusive Medical Trips With Savings From 20 To 50 Percent] [Safety Is Our Top Priority].

Below the graphics are portals to: [Financing] [Ask Our Doctors] [Videos & Pictures on Facebook]. Also video on dental and infertility issues.

Additional Comments: Blog on WordPress. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter links. Impressive website.


Description: Medvoy is a professionally designed coordinator/facilitator site.

The homepage features rotating graphics and 3 major vertical links with anchored horizontal links along the header. It is organized along a 3-step process: Step 1--sign up. Step 2--Log in. Step 3--Meet doctors online.

The three vertical links are labeled: [For Patients] [For Providers] [Price Quote]. Horizontal links: [Home] [About] [Procedures] [Destinations] [Patients] [Providers] [Resources] [Contact]. Each of the horizontal links offers a drop-down menu for more specific information.

[For Patients] offers a rationale for medical travel, and areas where you sign up, log in, and view a demo. [For Providers] has the same basic layout but is aimed at health care providers, not patients. [Price Quote] is active only for logged-in users.

Quite a bit of information along the footer--procedures, destinations, Facebook and Twitter links, as well as information about prices and providers.

Additional Comments: Patient and provider log-in links are found both on top and bottom of main pages.

They offer a newsletter and are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

This can be described as one big medical tourism/travel community.


Description: Metamorphosis Medical Retreat is a Thai-based coordinator-facilitator site which specializes in plastic, dental, bariatric, and gender surgeries

Banner links offer drop-down menus giving the user information on [About] [Hospitals] [Treatments] [Media] [Contact]. Info on [Testimonials] [Planning] [Hotels] is also provided.

The main part of the site offers info on MMR.

Additional Comments: Lots of contact info. You can follow MMR on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


Description: Mininvasive Cardiology Travels is a U.S. based healthcare provider in Italy, specializing in minimally invasive cardiac interventions and care.

Web site offers information on patient care coordination, and other FAQs about the company and its procedures.

Search engine, case studies.


Description: Mylooks is a coordinator/facilitator site, specializing in plastic/cosmetic surgery and dental procedures.

The homepage features links to [Procedures] [How it Works] [Facilities] [Detinations] [Doctors] [Pricing] [Testimonials].

Rotating graphics promote procedures, free consultation, doctors, facilities. There is also information on financing. Full contact info including social media tie-ins.


Description: North American Surgery is a medical tourism referral service which specializes in matching uninsured/underinsured patients with affordable surgical options in North America . Their homepage offers information on services and procedures. There are also sections on News, FAQs, and Testimonials. Contact information on page.


Description: Novasans is a Hong Kong-based guide to medical tourism. A 3-column format features a search directory and a free consultation. Info tabs feature [Guides] [Treatments] [Destinations] [Media & News]

Social media tie-ins.


Description: Orbicare is a medical travel coordinator/facilitator headquartered in the United States.

The website offers information on: [Medical Centers] [Destinations] [Partners] [Financial Information] [Contact]. Just below are three drop-down menus where you can find: facilities by country, services by type, procedures by class.

The homepage introduces Orbicare; it divides information: For Patients - For Employers - For Insurance Companies.

Highlights include a 7-step procedure for your care, and a travel/accomodation form.

Additional Comments: Social media tie-ins; news section; Spanish/English website.


Description: Pangaea Medicine is an information database. It is professionally designed with two parallel rows of horizontal links. Upper row: [Home] [About Us] [FAQs]. Bottom row: [Treatments] [Destinations] [Travel Guide] [Testimonials] [Financing] [Before and After Photos] [Questions & Answers] [News].

The middle of the homepage features a search for doctors with three drop-down menus: [Select Treatment Area] [Select a Treatment] [Select Country]. The rest of the homepage is devoted to news and featured healthcare providers.

Additional Comments: There is a register/sign-in option.

Has a Google search engine.

Member of the Better Business Bureau. Site map and contact on the footer. Professionally designed.


Description: Parkway Cancer Centre is a cancer specialist hospital in Singapore.
Website offers information on services, personnel, and support. Full contact information

. Social media tie-ins; several partnerships, several locations.


Description: Passport Medical is a full service medical tourism provider. Main links feature [Procedures] [Destinations] [Testimonials] [Get A Free Quote] [News And Events].

. Social media tie-ins; live support; BBB accredited; partners with a travel agency.


Description: Patients Beyond Border is a website which furnishes consumer information about medical travel/tourism. Visitors can seek info on [Destinations] [Hospitals] [Procedures] [Patient Experiences] [Blog]. Also links to: [Industry Partners] [For the Media] [Articles & Reviews] [Newsletter] [Statistics & Facts] [About the Author] [About Our Books].

Additional Comments: It features a scanning/relational database which put information at your fingertips.

. This web site is an extension of Josef Woodman's book, Patients Beyond Borders (see Books page).


Description: Phuket Health Travel is a Thai-based medical tourism provider. The web site offers comprehensive information on services and Phuket, a resort area.

Treatments include plastic surgery, dental care, skin care, eye operations, dialysis treatment, MRI screening, and general health check-ups.

Additional Comments: Site map and newsletter offered


Description: Planet Hospital is a coordinator/facilitator site. You can sign up on the web site. The page explains their business model, costs, and how to get started

There is also video on the homepage.

Additional Comments: Planet Hospital has carried a Better Business Bureau A- rating since 2002. A Google search also reveals issues that have been raised about Planet Hospitals surogacy program.


Description: Prague Makeover is a health provider specializing in cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, and dental treatment.

Links also give info on other procedures, such as aptos thread lift, botox treatment, varicose vein treatment.

Travel and accomodation info also furnished.

Additional Comments: Testimonials, price list.


Description: Procure Medical is a business run by a registered nurse in the U.S. who acts as a medical travel/tourist facilitator.

The web site introduces the owner, describes the process, and offers contact information


Description: Qdays is a Romanian-based medical tourism provider. Banner links offer info on [Home] [About] [Your Experience] [Medical Treatment] [Resources] [Contact]--all with drop-down menus offering more detailed information.

A bulk of the site offers information on Qdays, including price and quality issues.

You can request a free quote. Web site also features testimonials, blog entries, and a downloadable brochure.

Additional Comments: Newsletter offered. Full contact info including live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype.


Description: Refresh Med is an American-based medical travel provider specializing in cosmetic procedures in Argentina. Main Links-->[Home] [Treatments] [Gallery] [Testimonials] [Why Us?] [FAQ] [Contact Us] [Plan Your Visit]

The 3-column web site offers a lot of information including procedures, rates, financing, and a 5-step procedure on arranging your treatment. Additional information furnished on the company and medical tourism.

Additional Comments: Full content info, newsletter


Description: Satori World Medical is a U.S.-based global healthcare network and service company. The main horizontal info tabs offer links to: [Home] [About Us] [Global Network] [Procedures] [Quality Assurance] [Get Started] [Contact Us]. Drop-down menus offer more specific information under each category.

Also featured are video testimonials, links to [Our Hospitals] [Our Doctors] [Our Destinations]. Links with drop-down menus specifically for [Individuals] [Employers] [Insurers].

Additional Comments: Newsletter available, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube connections. Professional web site, easy to navigate.


Description: Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic offters information and treatment on sports and bone/joint related injuries and conditions.

Search engine on web site. Full contact information on website.


Description: Sky Medicus is a medical travel/tourism provider which works with doctors in Belgium, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, and India. The web site offers information on procedures, featured doctors, and company info. You can request a quote online, get information, or contact them via email or phone.

Testimonials, social media tie-ins. Search engine on web site.


Description: Star Hospitals is a conglomerate of hospitals in India, Singapore, and Thailand.

Banner links include [Home] [Company] [Procedures] [Facilities] [Processes] [Aftercare] [Contact].

Additional left-margin links [Overseas Healthcare] [Corporate Program] [Press Releases] [Testimonials] [FAQs] [Travel].

The main section of the web site offers info on the hospitals and details on procedures and pricing.

Additional Comments: Toll free number in addition to email.


Description: Sublimis is an Argentina-based medical tourism provider. A bulk of the web site focuses on the treatments and procedures they offer. There is a major link outlining a 9-step process from [Contact] to [Returning Home] to schedule care through Sublimis.

FAQ section. Testimonials. Full contact info.

Additional Comments: Web site offers both English and Spanish.


Description: Surgeon and Safari is "South Africa's original independent medical tourism company."

Information on surgeries, accomodation, holiday, facts and ethics, step by step guide, client comments, publicity.

Additional Comments: The professional web site features a picture of Lorraine Melvill, the founder-owner; this company emphasizes privacy. Gives the impression of being an "upscale" provider.


Description: Surgery Center of Oklahoma is a surgery provider in Oklahoma. Vertical links features info on: [Pricing] [Orthopedics] [ENT] [General Surgery] [Urology] [Ophthalmology] [Foot And Ankle] [Reconstructive Plastics] [Anesthesia Staff] [Media] [Getting Here/Lodging] [FAQ] [Blog]

Index page is a comprehensive description of the center. Service, accreditation, and pricing are all emphasized.


Description: Surgery Planet is a global medical tourism company. It has a comprehensive web site featuring links to every possible category of information you could imagine. Their home page highlights [20,000+ Satisfied Customers] [1,000+ Hospital Network] [10,000+ Certified Doctors] [24/7 Doctor Reviews, Consultations, Estimates] [24/7 Medical Tourism Insurance, Financing] [120,000+ Hotels, Air Tickets, Hotel Discounts, Vacations, and Cars].

Full contact info with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn exposure, and live chat. Videos, News Articles.

Additional Comments: As for info on medical travel, you name it, this site has it. Impressive!


Description: Surgical Attractions is a South African-based medical travel provider specializing in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Links to [Non-Surgical Procedures] [Surgical Procedures] [Surgeons] [Pre and Post Care] [Recuperation] [Request a Quote] [Step by Step Guide] [Medical Facilities] [Company Background] [Rejuvenation Holidays] [Testimonials] [Insurance and Finance] [Media News] [Contact Us].

The center of the page features 7 short paragraphs introducing Surgical Attractions.


Description: This is an all-purpose website that covers medical travel in Taiwan, with primary tabs covering:.

[About] [Taiwan Healthcare] [Hospital Networks] [Taiwan Medical Tourism Information] [Travel Information] [Patients' Comments].

The site is a bit busy, but all the info you need about medical tourism in Taiwan is there.


Description: Thailand Med is Thailand's medical tourism portal. Hi-tech website offers information on: [Medical Treatments] [Medical Providers] [Travel Providers] [Packages & Promotions] [Physicians] [Patient Guide] [Testimonials] [Destinations]

Offers a search engine, full multimedia platform, newsletter, RSS feeds, social media tie-ins


Description: Thai Medical Vacation is a medical tourism facilitator with a multimedia website. Links to: [Why TMV?] [Why Thailand?] [Treatments] [Medical Blog] [Contact Us].

Comprehensive information throughout the website

Online consultation available.


Description: Treatment Abroad is an information site. A multipanel format features 10 horizontal tab links along the header: [About Medical Tourism] [Get a Quote] [Treatments] [Destinations] [Costs] [Guide] [Patient Stories] [About Us] [Press] [Health Jobs]

There is a quickfinder where you can choose a treatment and choose a country, a free guide to medical tourism, ratings and reviews, and a code of practice for medical tourism. Also information on cosmetic surgery, dentistry, fertility treatment, and surgery.

Additional topics include top-rated clinics and hospitals, and featured providers. Also patient stories and medical tourism news.

Additional Comments: Website has video. Has a Twitter presence. Has paid advertising.


Description: Visit and Care is a Turkey-based medical care coordinator which uses several different destinations. The main thrust of the web site focuses on procedures: [Cosmetic Denistry] [Plastic Surgery] [Infertility Treatments] [Laser Eye Surgery] [Orthopedic Surgery] [Hair Loss Treatment] [Weight Loss Surgery] [Heart Surgery] [Organ Transplant].

There is a section on guides and top destinations. Also a news section.

Additional Comments: Free quotes and a search engine to find medical procedures in various countries.


Description: Voyager Med is an international healthcare marketplace. They are one of the few that offer stem cell therapy. Full contact details on website. They have administrative offices in New York and the Cayman Islands.


Description: We Care Health Services is an India-based medical travel facilitator. Main links lead to: [About Us] [Latest Offers] [Contact Us] [Get a Quote] [Free Registration] [Home] [Procedures] [Why We Care] [Partner Hospitals] [Our Surgeons] [Testimonial] [Cost].

The home page features an intro to We Care Health Services. There is also a high-tech section on popular medical packages. Mouseover the procedure and you get info on duration of treatment, duration of follow up, estimated cost.

This company advertises [Private Consultation by Experienced Doctors] [Negotiated Low Prices] [Treatment at WSorld Class Hospitals] [Smooth aND Seamless Care] [Free Patient Coordination in India]

Additional Comments: Several ways to get a quote online.


Description: Wellness Visit is a coordinator-facilitator site focusing on Malaysia. The professionally designed website featuring horizontally aligned tabs at the top leading to: [Home] [Procedures] [Destinations] [Hospitals] [Doctors] [Register] [Blogs] [Contact Us]

The 3-column format has the look and feel of a magazine. It includes promotion, and an introduction to doctors and hospitals.

The right-hand column offers a registration link and links featuring tourist and procedure "packages." There is also a large section on medical tourism news and articles.

Additional Comments: An email panel on the upper right offers the user a convenient way to get a quote, a call-back, or simply more info. Bottom part of the page aggregates all the info but needs to be aesthetically redesigned. A site map would be a better option.


Description: World Med Assist is a coordinator/facilitator site. The 3-panel format offers link tabs on the left: [Medical Tourism Testimonials] [Medical Tourism Procedures] [Medical Tourism Countries] [Medical Tourism Hospitals] [Medical Tourism Doctors] [The Process] [Medical Tourism FAQs] [World Med Assist in the News] [Members Only] [Getting Started].

Center and right panels are devoted to testimonials and company promotion. Right panel describes World Med Assist's approach: Quality Doctors/Hospitals-->Tailored to your Needs-->Quality End to End Services-->Low Risk.

Additional Comments: A+ rated member of Better Business Bureau. Member of Medical Tourism Association.


Description: Xetica Argentina is a cosmetic surgery provider in Argentina. Main links furnish information on [Institutional] [Medical Staff] [Procedures] [Before and After] [Testimonials] [Medical Facilities] [Press].

There is a before and after and a You Tube testimonial.

Additional Comments: Toll free numbers worldwide. Spanish and English web site.

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